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I have recently been accepted into the University of Oxford in London to study Philosophy from Oxford Alumni for two weeks! This life changing experience will take place in the summer of 2018. I am very excited about this opportunity! My travel experiences will undoubtedly change my perspectives and enhance my education as a whole. To learn more about my tour, please visit my online slide show in order to more fully grasp the details and intents of my studies.

“Our Philosophy course for 16-17 years olds looks at developing the skills necessary to both deconstruct and construct strong arguments. You’ll discuss the ideas of free will and existentialism, as well as digging deep into theories around the human condition, giving you a fantastic overview of a fascinating subject. It’s the perfect preparation for anyone looking to study an Arts [and Science] degree at university.” Taken from

The reason I chose to intensively study Philosophy was because I believe that this subject can provide a foundational basis for my future studies in science. While pursuing a philosophy degree, I will apply my knowledge into a scientific Epidemiology degree, in which I hope to impact third world countries through accessible medicine. (Scientific articles and information on the interest in Philosophy degrees in medicine can be seen here and an additional article that answers the question: Where Can Philosophy Take Me? )

I have observed the importance of medicine in third world countries. My father has been a long time developer and employee of medical companies that provide cheaper and more efficient technology to diagnose individuals in poorer countries- such as the Ebola Crisis in Africa and the Zika epidemic in South America. I myself have been able to attend business trips with my dad where he presents life changing technology. I have grown up around this knowledge and have developed a passionate interest in the ways medicinal technology can influence the world.

By going to Oxford next summer, I will not only have received invaluable world class teaching- I will solidify my plans for the future by getting a small glimpse into the world of college education that a public high school simply does not supply. Most importantly, by furthering my education while I am still young, I get the advantage of getting a head start into my future, which is, ultimately, to make a difference for others. I simply cannot significantly help third world countries without first earning a title for myself in the medical community.

I am working hard to raise funds for this trip and will be paying for the entire portion of the trip myself. As you know, I am still a student and raising funds of this magnitude for the trip is a challenge— which I embrace wholeheartedly but with which I need some assistance. Therefore, I am presenting a donor pitch to local companies and looking for personal donors, such as you, to sponsor a portion of my experience!

My goal is to raise $6,657 before April of 2018. I greatly appreciate any donation you are willing to contribute, and supporters like you are the reason this trip is possible. To donate, paypal, check, and cash are all appreciated. Any amount helps! For any questions please email me or text at (385) 231-5287.

Also willing to help clean your basement or babysit or do any work for money.

Please feel free to send this to anyone you think would also be interested. It would help me out a lot 🙂

I really appreciate your assistance and thank you in advance for your support. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you after my study abroad!


Sophia Gundry

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