Billy Wayne Jackson’s Service Costs

Billy Wayne passed unexpectedly on the 5th of a heart attack, leaving behind his wife and youngest daughter with funeral/service costs that were not covered by insurance. He did not have a life insurance plan. As many of you know (or don’t) services are extremely expensive, starting at $2000 even if you are only cremating.
Lisa’s amazing mother, has not only raised her, but 3 other children from birth, taken care of her mother during a long time sickness all while working a full time (over 40 hours a week) job. All this she did by herself, with as much help as Lisa can offer.  That being said, it took a while to figure out what these two wonderful woman needed during this time and this would be the greatest help. They held a service for others, to help the rest of the family and loved ones grieve, even when they did not have the money. So let’s help them with that burden. Thank you in advance.

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