Wheelchair Accessible Van

Wheelchair Accessible Van

There are so many essential needs involved in the care of my husband and for almost 3 Years I’ve maintained our home, his care & the weekly operation of our Ministry! One of the greatest tools we have access to is our own wheelchair accessible van and although it is a huge blessing lately it has become a bit challenging to operate. We are in need of a new back entry wheelchair accessible mini van. Dr Ron loves to travel with his family and loves being able to get to and from home to his Church as well as visit other Ministries etc, so your sponsorship would assist our family greatly as we continue to trust God for total Restoration!! We are believing God for 70 Partners to Sponsor a $100 seed (or any seed amount) which will cover the cost of this $10,000 2012 Chrysler Town & Country Mini Van with back entry Lifter. We have found favor with the owner who is allowing us to use the van with a down payment but per our agreement I need to have the final payment to her this Month. March 2, 2018 will be 3 years since Dr Ron suffered 5 strokes and brain bypass surgery! Many have asked how can they help and thus far your calls, text, inboxes, prayers and yes seeds have been all that we have needed, but now is the time you can play a big role as you consider sponsoring with our family today! Even in the hardest times I’ve never asked for much but believed God for everything and He did it! Dr Ron and I greatly appreciate your support and love shown. Thank you

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