10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

Boost Your Fundraising: The 10 Step Guide to a Successful Campaign

GiveHope’s tried and tested steps to creating a campaign you’ll be proud to share, and donors will be inclined to donate to.

Use Images To Make Your GiveHope Campaign Look Its Best

You can post pictures in two places on your GiveHope campaign:

    • Your ‘cover image’. This image will appear at the top of your campaign and is the image that will be displayed when you share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
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    • Your ‘story’. These images will be part of your story and be seen in between pieces of text.

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Pro Tips for creating a compelling GiveHope Campaign:

    • 1.Use bright cover photos, or make a video! You cover photo is the first impression donors see, so make it powerful. Remember, this is the image that will be displayed when you share you GiveHope campaign, so use clear and colorful images.
    • 2.Avoid using blurry or low quality images.
    • 3.Make your campaign name catchy and descriptive. Use the name of the person or organization you’re raising money for.
    • 4.Share With Friends And Family on Facebook

Typically, the first wave of support your campaign will experience will be from the people in your life – your friends and family. Sharing your GiveHope campaign on Facebook should be your first priority after your campaign has been published. If you don’t have a Facebook account, ask a close friend or relative to post your GiveHope link on their timeline

When posting your link on Facebook, add a personalized message to the post, expressing why this cause is so important to you, and how grateful you’ll be for a donation or share! Keep it simple, direct and heartfelt.


    • 5. Create an Event Page on Facebook

Create an even for your GiveHope campaign on Facebook. Make the event public and invite as many friends as possible. Set a date and call it ‘Donation Day’. Everyone included in the event will get a notification on the chosen date, giving your campaign major publicity for the day.

    • 6. Make a Compelling Video That Tells Your Story

The majority of successful campaigns have videos. Your video should tell your story-who you are, what your goals are and why people should be interested in donating to your cause.

Pro Tip:Keep your video under three minutes and talk about your goals within the first minute of the video.

    • 7. Aside from Facebook, Share Your Campaign Through Email And Other Social Networks

Send your link to 4-5 friends or family members via text message, email, asking in person, or by making a phone call.

Pro Tip: Asking for a donation face to face is 34 times more effective than an email.

    • 8.Be Clear About Your Finances, Needs and Results

Donors are inclined to sponsor your cause when they feel they can trust where their money will be going. Explain why you are asking for your goal amount, and outline how you will be spending the donated money. Show professionalism when asking for donations, and make it easy for your donors to get the information they’re looking for.

Pro Tip: Providing a detailed account for costs will show donors you’ve given this a lot of thought.

    • 9. Post Frequent Updates

Keep your donors updated on your campaign progress! You can post updates directly to your page as your campaign progresses to continuously engage your supporters, and give real-time updates about your cause. By keeping your audience engaged in fun and creative ways, you are contributing to your page’s visibility and improving your chances of reaching your goal!



    • 10.Show Your Appreciation

Send your donors a thank you note as soon as you can. Your donors are generously sponsoring your cause and putting you one step closer towards your goal. This gesture can be done via Facebook, email, or posting a message on your comments.

    • Withdrawing Funds

Upon opening a campaign on GiveHope, you will be directed to open a Stripe account. We’ve partnered with Stripe to process donations. You can either withdraw funds directly to your own bank account first if the funds are for you, or enter your beneficiary’s bank information so they can receive the funds directly.

Withdrawing funds will not affect your GiveHope, nor will it change your goal amount.

Pro Tip: Double check to make sure your bank information is correct. The wrong bank/routing number can delay your withdrawal.

  • It All Comes Down To TTS:
    • Trust: Donations are based on levels of trust. To be able to obtain help from strangers, you need to build trust. Be upfront about why you need the funds and how you will use the money.
    • Tribe: You need to find that tribe of people out there that knows what you’re talking about and feels as passionate about your cause as you do. Find the people who will feel touched by seeing your story, and who would get the feeling of wanting to help.
    • Story: It’s important to communicate clearly and to clearly define your goal. Writing a compelling story about why people should care and what they can do to help is the basis of all successful campaigns.

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