15 Tips & Tricks For Sharing Your GiveHope Campaign

15 Tips & Tricks For Sharing Your GiveHope Campaign

Improve your online fundraising with our helpful recommendations. Remember, the success of your GiveHope campaign depends on how effectively you share it!


  • Create a campaign #hashtag. A hashtag is a great way to build social media awareness and spark interest around your cause.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to a cyber event. Create a Facebook event for your campaign and be sure to paste a link to your GiveHope campaign.
  • Share your GiveHope campaign on Linkedin. Linkedin is a professional network, so be sure to write a creative, well-written post.
  • Be original with your campaign promotion. Share your GiveHope link by posting it in unexpected places, such as flyers around your campus, making a video or writing your link on your car! Being creative will ignite excitement and interest around your campaign.
  • Connect with your local media. Contact your local news outlets and let them know about your campaign-and why it would be of interest to your community.
  • Post your campaign on social media outlets such as Instagram. Instagram is another huge social media platform that can greatly benefit your campaign. The best way to share your campaign on Instagram is to post a screenshot of your campaign and post it with the link in the bio.
  • Write a post on Facebook and tag as many friends as possible. Depending on privacy settings, usually, when you tag a friend in a post it shows up on their timeline, which in turn reaches their friends as well.
  • Link up with a local business. Offer businesses a small percentage of donations if they help you promote your campaign by naming a product after your campaign name, or hosting a fundraising night for your cause.
  • Consider sending a celebrity a tweet. Social media influencers can turn your campaign into a success overnight. Ask them to share your link, and express how much your campaign would benefit from their help.
  • Create a video for your cause. A video message from the campaign organizer, either in the form of an update or as the main image can make a campaign great. In under 3 minutes, talk about the importance of the cause, what you will use funds raised for and how you will benefit from their donations.
  • Add a reward or competition to your campaign. Someone recently posted a campaign asking for help raising money to pay for medical school, and in return he would take the highest donor to the world cup series (as he was a student athlete and was given free tickets to the game). Create an exciting incentive for donors!
  • Organise a bake sale. A bake sale is great for two reasons. You’ll be able to raise money for your cause while simultaneously raising awareness about your campaign. Consider handing out a print out of your campaign link to your customers.
  • Post creative updates. Put your talents to play by posting a daily poem, song, inspirational message or photograph to keep donors coming to your page daily for your creative and fun updates!
  • Print flyers and leave them in mailboxes. Let the neighbors in your community know about your campaign. They will be motivated to help if they know your cause will help the community as a whole.
  • Share your GiveHope Campaign in any Facebook group you are a member of. Using Facebook groups as additional platforms is great, because it reaches people you may not know personally, but share common ground which is a great foundation for potential donors.

Get creative and think out-of-the-box with sharing your campaign. We at GiveHope strongly believe in the power of Facebook and social media. Use free platforms to your advantage to advance your campaign from good to great!

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