5 Tips to Evolve Your Crowdfunding Strategy

Thousands of campaigns are created daily on GiveHope, and while most see success almost immediately, an average of 5% of campaigns take more time to gain momentum before reaching their goals. We’ve created this blog post so that you can open your fundraiser with confidence and a strategy that will pave the path to a prosperous campaign.

Here are 5 tips that successful fundraisers are implementing to grow their crowdfunding campaigns:

Reach Out to Local Media:

Rather than simply sharing your GiveHope campaign link, focus on why your story will be engaging to your local news outlet. Journalists are hungry for a good story, but don’t want to provide you with free advertising easily. Instead, they’re looking for a story to entertain and provide value to their audience. Find your campaign angle – how does your campaign do this for them?

Step-Up Your Social Media Game:

Do your part to get your cause the coverage it deserves. Aside from reaching out to news stations, use free platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your advantage. Contact social media influencers, PR agencies, corporate partners or other big league entities. Sketch out your media plan and coordinate your resources for your campaign. The more you reach out to people, the better your chances are of reaching their mass audiences.

Target Specific People and Places to Advertise Campaign Signs:

Ask people you know to post posters in their places of work, school or favorite hang out. You’ll be able to increase the amount of times your campaign is seen, which helps leads to new donors. Great places to post about your campaign are places of worship, community centers and local hangout spots.

Start An Email Chain:

Bring back email chains from the past! Create an email and request recipients forward the email to 5 people. Email 15 contacts with your link and a brief background about your campaign, and ask them to forward the email to 5 more people.

Empower Your Contacts:

Essentially no one is going to be more committed or passionate to your cause than your own people, aka your family and friends. Your GiveHope campaign strategy is an ideal opportunity to recruit your team of friends and family to step up and help you manage your new fundraising strategies. You’ll be able to inspire them with the skills you learned and energize them with reminders of all the ways they can pledge themselves to your cause. Create incentives with a dash of friendly competition, and you’ve created a recipe for a fun fundraising experience!

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