10 Creative School Fundraising Ideas

Creative School Fundraising Ideas

Finding the right school fundraising strategy can be a challenge. Before creating your GiveHope school fundraiser, you have to consider the age of your students, the participation level you can expect from parents, teachers and staff, and the time and resources your school has to dedicate to the fundraiser. There are many ways you can help raise money for your school. GiveHope provides a user-friendly school fundraising platform where you can create high school, middle school and elementary school fundraisers. We’ve created a helpful guide of the 10 best and most interesting school fundraising ideas to get you started!

Raffle: Create a fundraiser and set a minimum and maximum donation amount for a chance to win a particular prize – this could be a basket of goods, a draw for cash, or another prize donated by the community or school.

Gift card sales: Set an incentive for your donors and give the highest donor to your cause a gift card.

Craft sales: Encourage children and their parents to get creative and create crafts that the public can purchase by donating to the school fundraiser. Consider having each classroom come up with an idea that they can contribute.

Battle of the classes: Spread school spirit with a competitive edge by pitting classes against each other to raise money for their school. Fundraising on GiveHope is the best platform to use to create this type of fundraiser. Have classes compete for small prizes while raising money for their school in the process!

Charity fundraising challenge: Fundraising for your school is important, but can also serve as an important lesson for students. Create a fundraiser for an organization in the school’s community. Have each grade or class pick their charity, and raise money for them with a few easy clicks on GiveHope.

Technology upgrade: Fundraising for better classroom equipment on GiveHope. Usually, people respond best to fundraisers that are raising funds for a specific need. Think of what kind of upgrade your school needs, and start a GiveHope fundraiser!

Pajama day: Ask for a specific, small donation amount for students and teachers to participate in a Dress Down Day where they can wear pajamas or comfortable clothing to school.

Spelling bee: Bring back this school competition with an online fundraising twist. Spelling bee participants can raise money for their school in preparation for the competition, and offer a special prize for the student who raises the most.

Funding field trips: Raise money online for school trips to fun and interesting attractions in your area. Start a GiveHope field trip campaign where students can ask their family and friends to donate to their class trip.

“Give It Up” challenge: Encourage students and families to give small donations towards a goal set for a day. If the goal is met, teachers commit to giving up something that is part of their everyday routine, such as coffee, sweets, etc. This fundraiser can be a one day event or a weeklong event, with the individual day goals increasing.