5 Easy Easter Fundraising Ideas

Easter Fundraising Ideas

Easter is a meaningful celebration and festival in many parts of the world. An Easter fundraiser should be fun and easy to put together. It’s a time of the year when the spirit on giving runs high, making this holiday a great opportunity to hop into Easter fundraising on GiveHope!

Fundraising for Charities

Create a fundraiser for a charity to help raise money for important causes. For example, fundraiser for Trocaire’s 45th annual Lent campaign. Trocaire focuses on the scale of humanitarian needs across the world. Share your GiveHope fundraiser with schools, communities and parishes in order for them to come together during Lent to pledge their support for the poorest people in the world.

Easter Raffle

Organizing an Easter raffle for your school can be an easy way to fundraise. Create a charitable twist on a standard give away! Create a prize, such as an Easter basket, or sponsor a bunny bounce castle for children. Whatever the winner’s prize, your fundraiser will be a fun way to get your community involved in a meaningful fundraiser.

Fundraising for the Children’s Hospital

Fundraise for sick children to experience the fun in easter this year. Raise funds to set up an egg hunt through the pediatric hospital and their patient’s. This is a great opportunity for them to get out of their rooms and focus on having fun!

Easter Baskets Homeless Children

Start a fundraiser with a mission to provide an Easter basket for homeless children and people in your community. Every child should feel special and loved by their community. You can create a basket filled with books, school supplies and personal care products or with fun Easter games and chocolate.

Fundraising for Church

Create an Easter scavenger hunt with members from your Church and have people donate to participate. This is a great activity to make teams and meet people in your community!

Up the ante for your Easter fundraisers by posting about them on social media and create a hashtag so other donors can follow you on your fundraising journey!