GiveHope’s Top 10 Sports Fundraising Ideas

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Sports have the power to change lives. Organized sports teach children the value of teamwork, dedication, practice, and how to build social connections. For adults, playing sports is a great way to stay fit and offers a great platform for new friendships. But for all the benefits of sports, the biggest catch can be the cost.

Sports teams and players often need to raise money to cover important costs, such as equipment and uniforms. That’s where online fundraising comes into play. Thankfully, because sports by nature gets the community involved, you have a great fundraising opportunity that can help you raise the money you need. Sports fundraising on GiveHope is simple, easy, cost-effective and straightforward.

Here are 10 of our best and most effective sports fundraising ideas to help you get started!

Team sponsorship

New uniforms is a great reason to ask a local business to sponsor your team. Their company logo will display on your uniforms and you’ll have raised  while being able to raise money! It’s a win-win situation. Create your GiveHope sports fundraiser and get your sponsors to donate online. Donors can also help you spread the word about your team’s fundraiser on their social media business pages.

Pre-season team fundraiser

Get your team excited about the upcoming game season by starting a team fundraiser on GiveHope! Our platform makes it easy for you to create a sports fundraiser that you and your teammates can join to raise money together. Get all the members of your team hyped and active to support their team cause!

Travel team fundraiser

Paying for lodging and travel expenses when travelling to a game isn’t cheap. On top of the routine costs of playing a sport, like equipment and registration fees, travel costs like gas, hotel rooms and meals can put a dent in your wallet. Don’t sit on the sidelines while your team goes and plays out of your hometown. Your friends and family can rally for you by donating to your GiveHope fundraiser and help you stay a part of the team.

Equipment fundraiser

Your team’s performance shouldn’t suffer because of old and worn-out equipment. Use GiveHope to fundraise for new sport equipment. Even parents can fundraise on behalf of their child’s sports team. Ask family and friends to chip in for new equipment for their favorite athlete!

Sponsor an athlete

The high costs of joining a sports team can leave children from low-income homes out of luck. But a helping hand for the community can open up a world of possibilities and hope for young athletes. Start a fundraiser to cover registration fees, purchase equipment or cover travel costs.

Fundraise for injured athletes

When an athlete gets injured, it can take an emotional toll on the player and his family. The combination of the fear of sitting out for the rest of the season and medical expenses can cause a great deal of stress. Often times, families are left paying for medical bills from the emergency room, surgeon, physical therapist, lost wages for adults, and other related expenses without help. A GiveHope fundraiser is free and and offers built in social media sharing so you can gather support from your friends, family and teammates while you recover.


GiveHope allows individuals to fundraise for personal and charitable causes. Whether you need to raise funds to enter a marathon or fundraise for the charity sponsoring the marathon, creating a GiveHope fundraiser is a great way to contribute to the organization.

Player auctions

For example, you can auction off each player on the football team to the highest bidder and the winner can do whatever they want with the player. The winning bidder could go on a date with the player, they could make them do household chores or they can have a picnic lunch. Whatever it is, make it fun!

Organize a raffle

For every fixed amount donated to your online fundraiser, participants will receive a raffle ticket to be entered into a drawing to win prizes. You can try to reach out to your favorite professional sports players and ask for memorabilia or autographs to create momentum for your raffle. Connect with local businesses and ask if they’d be willing to donate items like movie tickets or a gift card to your team’s raffle.

Start an online fundraiser

Use GiveHope to start an online sports fundraiser. It’s easy, fast and free to start. Once launched, share your link with friends, family and any other networks you might be a part of. You’ll be surprised just how many donations you’re able to get in from fans, supporters and others that think you’re doing a great job. You can also take a look at our existing sports fundraisers to see how they’ve gone about successfully raising money.

Whether you are looking to raise money for a little-league team or a varsity team, crowdfunding can lend a hand. Help your sports team today by creating a free GiveHope fundraiser.