Raise Money In Just A Few Days

Raise Money In Just A Few Days

How a GiveHope fundraiser raised $11,000 in 10 days.

Welcome to a GiveHope case study on making your fundraiser as successful as possible. Maria Bello started her GiveHope fundraiser to raise money for her new start after ending an abusive relationship, and in turn, ended up creating an entire movement to help abused women from all walks of life.

Maria’s campaign began just before she was supposed to start a new semester in college. She kicked off her fundraiser on July 17, 2017, with the ambitious goal to raise $4,500 quickly as she planned to find new housing and pay for her school expenses.

After researching other platforms, Maria chose GiveHope because of the easy-to-use features and personalization to her campaign. “GiveHope was easy to navigate for me and for my donors too,” Maria said. “I’ve never fundraised for anything before so it helped to have my campaign manager to rely on to walk my through the process.”

Shortly after Maria published her fundraiser on her Facebook page, donations poured in from friends, family and people she’s never met before to show their support. In less than three days, she exceeded her initial goal of $4,500, raising $6,400 from nearly 70 donors. Maria raised her goal to $12,500 and added to her cause that she will create safe housing for women in need with the extra donations. In the week that followed, she raised an additional $5,714, bringing her total to $12,114 in ten days.

Marie and her friends added updated to Facebook and sent out text messages to friends with the GiveHope campaign link. GiveHope helped Marie in her PR efforts and shared her cause on their social networks as well.

Maria’s fundraiser proves that people give to people, and the comments of support on her GiveHope page show just how much people care. She received comments such as, “Keep shining young lady, you deserve greatness,” and “Well done for speaking on this issue, it’s important for women to know they are not alone.”

Maria’s success is an excellent example of how easy it is to fundraise for personal causes on GiveHope.