How to Fundraise for a Family or Friend in Need

How to Fundraise for a Family or Friend in Need

Fundraising for a family member or a friend in need is an amazingly kind gesture. Whether they are facing unexpected financial hardships due to an illness, legal costs or a business in undergoing hardship, a fundraising campaign can not only be an amazing experience of love and support, but it can literally change their lives.

GiveHope has hosted thousands of fundraisers for people raising funds on behalf of friends and family. Did you know that a fundraiser opened on behalf of someone often raises more money than one started by the personal him/herself.

Although there isn’t one definite reason as to why, seeing someone fundraise on behalf of another person conveys urgency and ignites an urge to help in others. People want to help both parties – the person asking for help and the person who is the subject of concern.


Many time a fundraiser is started by a friend or family member and the person doesn’t know it. The success associated with these types of campaigns is the surprise element that’s involved. It’s the ultimate surprise when they learn the financial burden they were dealing with no longer exists. It’s a very rewarding feeling to be a part of helping someone in need.


Managing a successful fundraiser takes time and effort. We at GiveHope get many emails from people in desperate situations reaching out for help. But when someone is so caught up in their own situation, they tend to not have as much time and energy to focus on managing a successful campaign. We suggest asking someone close to help with the campaign to help ease the stress. Once they realize they don’t have to do it alone, their fundraiser comes to life.

Here is how to start a fundraiser for a friend or family in need:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Start a Free Fundraiser
  3. Fill in the required information and mark that you are raising funds ‘on behalf of’
  4. Share your fundraising link with friends, family and social media