Tips for Social Media Networking

You started your GiveHope fundraiser and are now looking to get the buzz going around your campaign. Luckily, the most powerful tool is free and almost all of us know how to use it. Social media is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to online fundraising. Using social media to promote campaigns help people reach their goals quickly and attract hurds of supporters they otherwise may not have.

Start utilizing social media to your advantage. Below are important tips on the biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

General Rules of Thumb: Social Media

It’s important to be brief when posting on social media. Humans have short attention spans, so be sure to be short and to the point whenever posting. Ask yourself if the purpose of your post is to inspire readers, inform them of your cause, get the reader to donate or a mixture of all three. Lastly, if you’re posting consistently, try to say things in different ways. Variety is key.


Otherwise known as “The Mothership” of online fundraising promotions, Facebook has billions of users and the odds are that your target audience is among them. Facebook implements ever-changing algorithms that control who sees your posts. The broad reach and Facebook network makes it essential to vary your posts. If you’re posting multiple times a day, post in different ways (pictures, blog, video, text only). This also helps to keep your audience engaged.

How often should you post? Ideally, posting 5 to 10 times per week lets you reach an adequate amount of users while promoting your cause. Facebook is one social media platform where #hashtags are not important. If you’ve created a catchy #hashtag for your fundraiser, then definitely use it! Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about them. Data shows that posts with 0-2 hashtags reach an average of 593 people, while posts with 5 or more hashtags reach an average 307 people.


An average of 400,000 tweets are sent out per minute. There’s a lot to see on Twitter and not a lot of time to see it. Unlike Facebook, don’t limit your posts on Twitter. The more you tweet, the higher the chances of engaging with new supporters.

Google now provides tweets in search engine ranking. Using keywords and relevant content matter. Be mindful with each post. Another good way to attract attention to your campaign is by mentioning people using their Twitter handle (@) and include #hashtags. Hashtags are searchable and important on Twitter, so use as many relevant hashtags as you can think of!


#Hashtags are important on Instagram, too! Focus on hashtags that are related to what you are posting. However, do your research and use hashtags other people are searching for that could be applicable to your post. A study shows that 11 is the magic number on Instagram. 11 hashtags per post will generate more engagement!

Link your Instagram with your Facebook and Twitter accounts! When you post on Instagram, it will be sent out as a Tweet and post too! This is a great way to ensure your posts are seen by a variety of audiences.