Memorial Day Fundraising Ideas

Memorial Day isn’t just a time to celebrate and give thanks to the respectable service men and women of this country. Memorial Day is also a chance to fundraise for great causes while honoring the service members of our country. Our veterans and active military personnel support us through their service to our country.

Now is your chance to raise money for active military members, veterans, military families using GiveHope. Here is a look at a few Memorial Day fundraising ideas that you can incorporate in your fundraiser to help care for and remember America’s heroes:

Active Duty Military Personnelshutterstock_417541450.jpgFundraise to help family members and friends of soldiers who are serving overseas. In this case, a GiveHope fundraiser is a great opportunity to tell your story and share it with your social networks for support.


Veteransshutterstock_385515673.jpgWhen most veterans return home for the call of duty, they face various hardships they may need help with. If you or a veteran you know and care about is struggling, creating a fundraiser on their behalf is a thoughtful gesture in getting them the help they deserve.


Veteran Medical Billsshutterstock_19929460.jpgMany veterans come home from battle for physical injuries and emotional scars. In most cases, veterans seek help to heal them of their wounds. Fundraise to help veterans get the medical care they deserve and help ease their financial burden.


Service Animals for Veteransshutterstock_699579181.jpgSome soldiers and veterans require the help of a service dog or other animal once they return home. However, did you know that a service dog costs around $25,000? Fundraise to help with the costs of adoption fees, training expenses and other associated fees.


Military Familiesshutterstock_350913740.jpgFamilies of our service members often face financial troubles and need help covering everyday expenses. In these expenses, the cost of traveling to see their loved ones are high and in other cases, families need help after a military member passes away.


Veteran Housingshutterstock_330827561.jpgThere is a nationwide epidemic for homeless veterans. Fundraise to help veterans get off the street and into appropriate housing. If you’re interested in fundraising for homeless veterans, upload images and share your campaign with your social networks to raise money for a great military cause.