Fundraising For Your Wedding

Crowdfunding for your wedding – a guide to fundraising for your big day!

Did you know the average wedding costs about $35,000 in the United States? Due to the extreme cost that is associated with a wedding, people have recently started turning to online fundraising to help raise money for their big day. On GiveHope, make your wedding day special by started a wedding fundraiser to ensure that all aspects of your wedding will be perfect!

Follow these 5 steps to wedding fundraising for optimal success:

Announce Your Wedding Date

Announcing your wedding date on your GiveHope page sets the foundation for your wedding fundraiser. As soon as people are made aware of the date, they will feel more inclined to donate.

Explain What You Need

In order for your potential donors to become motivated to give, it is imperative to explain exactly what you need the funds for. For example, you can announce that you are asking for financial aid paying for the venue, entertainment, honeymooon, or even a new house. By letting people know exactly what you intend to do with their donations, they will feel more inclined to donate. Consider including that their donation will be their wedding gift.

A Little At A Time

In online fundraising, it is vital to start with a smaller goal and build your way towards a bigger one. Donors feel overwhelmed when they see a large goal. It makes a donor feel as though their donation isn’t substantial or important for you to achieve your big goal. Rather than asking for a large amount upfront, start small and work your way up as donations come in.

Plan Ahead

The most succesful fundraisers are the ones with time limits. Announcing your wedding date is the first step to making sure everyone knows there is a timefrime on the fundraiser. If you want to raise money online for a large event or towards a large goal, you need to start early.

Be Realistic

Most people are happy to help with a wedding fundraiser as long as they are given advance notice. Keep everyone posted regarding your progress to encourage additional donations.

Once you’ve created your fundraiser, share it with as many people as you can! Write a post explaining why you’ve created the fundraiser in the first place. For example, you can write “While we do not expect anything but your best wishes, for those who would like to give a gift, we would refer a donation to help towards….”.

Wedding fundraising is not limited to wedding expenses. You can fundraise on GiveHope for honeymoon costs, registries, charitable donations, wedding showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties.