What All Successful GiveHope Campaigns Have In Common

What can you do to make your GiveHope fundraiser a guaranteed success? How do you stand out and grab the attention of donors? GiveHope fundraisers are as diverse as the individuals organizing them, but there are some common elements that make some campaigns rise above the others. Take a look at what all successful GiveHope campaigns have in common.


Successful GiveHope campaigns engage peer-to-peer fundraisers

How can you reach beyond your existing supporters and use your GiveHope fundraiser to grow? You can expand your reach with peer-to-peer fundraising. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a method of fundraising the leverages your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. It’s also known as social and personal fundraising.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to get new donors and reach new networks of people. Implementing this fundraising strategy can take your GiveHope campaign to the next level.

Use these top 10 tips to help your peer-to-peer fundraiser raise more!

Successful GiveHope campaigns employ the power of social media

Social media is an important component to any GiveHope fundraiser. Successful campaigns have a social media strategy mapped out. They create creative, compelling content- they post with purpose. The strength of your content, commitment to keeping your audience engaged and sound strategy will help turn social media posts into donations.

Learn how to take your GiveHope campaign to the next level with our free GiveHope Social Media Guide.

Successful GiveHope campaigns have a clear focus

Typically, the bigger the problem your cause is tackling, the less likely it is that someone is going to think their donation can make a difference. A generalized cause can actually have a negative effect and paralyze almost-supporters into inaction.

Boil down your message to human faces and stories that people can relate to. For example, a single orphaned puppy can outperform a million homeless people on a fundraiser. Motivate donors by focusing on a single act.

Successful GiveHope campaigns have a game plan

Crowdfunding is all about getting supporter’s attention. If you don’t tell people about your fundraiser, you can’t expect them to magically appear on your GiveHope page with a donation. The first step in getting donors to come to your GiveHope page is by creating a plan.

Set forth a social media plan, an email marketing plan and a follow-up plan. Schedule your emails, social media posts so they’re ready to go. Incorporating these proven successful strategies into your GiveHope fundraiser will help you see great results.

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