The Best Practices for the Best Fundraiser

Your GiveHope page is a vital piece of your online fundraising. Your page helps provide focus for donors on what your cause is about and what you are seeking. There are a few essential pieces to success when fundraising for your campaign on GiveHope. Below you will find the best practices for how to make your fundraiser page look appealing to donors!


Campaign Title

Your campaign title is probably the most important element of any campaign page. Since your title is the first thing most people will see when they land on your campaign page or see a post about it, you should make it clear so people will understand the purpose of your fundraiser. Use your campaign title to showcase your specific cause.

For instance, instead of “Support Our Food Drive”, think “Provide Meals to Families In Need”. There’s a subtle difference, but you can attract more attention with a more specific campaign title.

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Your Story

Use the space provided for your story to explain your cause and what the donor will be helping by providing their donation. You used your campaign title to tell your page visitor exactly what the campaign is about, your story is your chance to expand on it. Be sure to lead with the direct effect of future donations.

For instance, instead of “Our organization is the only community food pantry delivering food to those in need”, say “Your financial support will help us deliver on our goal of feeding all the people in need in our community.”


Images and videos are important components of your fundraiser. Including images to your fundraiser adds an important visual aspect to your cause. Use images that demonstrate what you’re trying to accomplish without taking away from your message.

Another great way to use videos and images is to help shape the story of your content. For example, use images and videos to bring help bring your cause to life. All these factors help create an intriguing environment that can turn a viewer into a donor.

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Your fundraiser should have a timeframe. Whether it’s one week or six months, you should state when you will need the funds by. However, it’s been proven that a shorter campaign time-frame is better in bringing in donations, quickly. Your campaign should focus on a specific cause that has to be accomplished in a specific timeframe. Highlight the urgency in your story.

Focus on what you can be accomplished if the goal is met in a timely manner. Try to avoid guilting people into donating before the deadline. Instead of “We must hit our goal this week or else we risk shutting down”, think “Hitting our goal before the end of the week ensures another year of providing healthy meals to our neighbors.”