The GiveHope Social Media Guide

Maximize your fundraising with the power of social media. GiveHope has created the ultimate desktop and mobile-friendly website, making it easy for you and your donors to access your campaign and share quickly share your fundraiser progress. So how does social media play a role in online giving? GiveHope’s campaign experts revealed that 96% of fundraiser that met or surpassed their goal used social media to promote their cause.

Check out these 16 must-known stats about online fundraising and social media.Social media is a pathway to find new donors and a place to stay engaged with existing ones. Below are tips for campaign organizers looking to optimize their social media strategy to boost giving.


Facebook & other social platforms

Use your time and energy wisely. On what social platform do you have the most followers? Which platform is your online community the most active? Direct your energy on the social network that you use the most. If you’re the most active on Facebook, don’t spend your time focusing on Instagram. Don’t expend energy trying to reach every social platform. Stick to one or two platforms you understand best and you will have an easy time promoting your fundraiser.

Facebook’s algorithm loves videos and prioritizes them in users’ feeds. Facebook specifically rewards videos that have been uploaded directly to Facebook with prioritization, giving you the ultimate chance to reach your audience. You don’t need a film crew and a large budget to make a compelling video. In most cases, all you need is a smartphone and some free video editing tools.

The average Facebook user has 340 friends, not including the pages they follow. A great way to get people to stop scrolling and pay attention to your post is by posting an eye-catching image. All imagery and videos should be high-quality and relate directly to your cause.

Twitter’s Tweetdeck and Facebook’s Publishing Tools both allow you to schedule posts in advance. Take advantage of these tools! Scheduling posts in advance will allow you to manage your time better, avoid typos and other mistakes, allows you to easily coordinate posts across multiple platforms and focus your attention on engaging with your followers. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all make free targeting tools available to users so that you can make sure your posts are reaching the people you want.

Pro Tip: You can create paid ads for Facebook and Instagram simultaneously through Facebook Ads Manager.

Analyze your social media activity by using Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. What time of the day are your social media accounts most active? Is there a type of content or post that gets more attention than others? Search your social media history to find the posts that were the most successful and consider implementing the same strategy.

On Facebook, take a look at People in Insights to see what kind of people are following and engaging with your posts. Learning about your followers can help you figure out how to best talk to your social media audience.

Facebook is a great platform to grow your crowdfunding page. If your followers believe in your cause, they will share it with their network of friends. Since the foundation of interactions on Facebook is friends, there tends to be a higher level of trust.


Telling your story

When creating your social media posts, don’t just pitch your story, make it personal. People want to hear about how you are making an impact, learn something new about your cause and feel like they are a part of your journey. This is what will motivate people to follow and give to your GiveHope fundraiser.

There are different ways to incorporate storytelling in your social media posts. You can write it in a post, say it in a video, or tell it with an image. As mentioned above, imagery and videos are the best ways to capture your audience’s’ attention.


Increase your exposure

To keep the momentum of your fundraise alive on social media, constantly make changes to the way your post. Facebook and Instagram’s ongoing algorithm changes make it challenging to stay at the top of your friends’ newsfeed. To keep your donor audience, implement different strategies.

Use peer-to-peer fundraising, which encourages your social network to share the campaign with their networks. Create and share donation request posts that will incline people to share it with their networks (include images, videos and even statistics).

To maximize your social media presence further, use the specific marketing features that each platform offers to promote your fundraiser.


Build relationships & trust

Use social media to find your real advocates who are just as passionate about your cause as you are. Once you develop a support foundation on social media, let them know you care. Engage with them and don’t miss a chance to respond to their support and questions.

Use tools to better understand your followers and how often they are engaging. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer free and paid tools that will show you who is engaged in your cause and even who has shown their support by sharing your cause with their social network. Turn your engaged followers into your supporters and grow your influencers to be your biggest promoters.
Tackling social media isn’t difficult at all. By using the information provided here, you can utilize social media to make your GiveHope fundraiser a success!


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