10 Creative Summer Fundraising Ideas


Take advantage of the happiest season of the year! Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to fundraise and engage with donors. Since summer is all about being outdoors and having fun, here are 10 creative summer fundraising ideas that will help you raise money, while creating a festive enviornment for your donors.

Online fundraising is popular year round, but it’s especially effective during summer because you get to mix the virtual world with the real one. Now is your chance to combine online fundraising with live events such as charity concerts, barbeques, etc.

Pro tip: When creating your GiveHope fundraiser, be sure to include lots of fun visuals to help encourage your supporters to donate and share your campaign amongst their peers.

Use the following suggestions to take advantage of the summer season!

Host A Block Partyshutterstock_788925238.jpg

A block party is a great way to get a community together for a cause. To raise money for your cause, create a GiveHope fundraising page and charge a smal cover fee for attendance. Let everyone you’ve invited know their donations are going towards a specific cause. A block party is always a good idea for a neighborhood to come together. Working together as a community will not only raise money for your fundraiser, but you’ll get to know those around you.

Car Wash Fundraisingshutterstock_401667970.jpg

A good old-fashioned car wash is a classic summer fundraising idea. Car wash fundraisers are proven moneymaker in almost every community. All you need are willing volunteers and some attention-grabbing signs. A car wash is a great opportunity to expand awareness about your cause.

Host A Swim, Bike, Or Walk-A-Thonshutterstock_102584864.jpg

For active summer fundraising ideas, consider offering options so that people of all skill levels can participate. Create a GiveHope fundraiser and charge a small registration fee and have your participants get active for a good cause!

Cook Up A Barbecueshutterstock_411046768.jpg

A barbecue brings simplicity to live fundraising. The best fundraisers are the ones with a casual meal that brings community members together for a good cause. Combine your barbecue fundraiser with a GiveHope fundraising page to maximize your fundraising results.

Host A Beer & Wine Tastingshutterstock_486675022.jpg

Nothing says summer like enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cold beer in the outdoors. Find a suitable outdoor venue and contact a few locoal businesses to gauge their interest, and then work together to raise funds for your cause.

Host A Golf Tournamentshutterstock_50374504.jpg

Golf tournaments can be very lucrative. Partner with a local golf course and creative a GiveHope fundraiser so donors can buy spots in the tournament.

Host A Pool Partyshutterstock_652958284.jpg

A casual pool party can be a great summer fundraising idea that gathers your supporters for a fun day in the sun. Charge an entry fee and plan fun events for your guests related to your cause.

Fourth of July Partyshutterstock_173641364.jpg

What better reason to throw a party than to celebrate the 4th of July? This summer, host a house party and ask your supporters to bring a friend. Charge an entry fee and accept donations online for anyone who couldn’t make it to the party.

Beach Volleyballshutterstock_203829112.jpg

Outdoor Movie Nightshutterstock_457458310.jpg

For a relaxing summer fundraising idea, try hosting an outdoor movie night at a local park. This is another summer event where multiple streams of donations are likely, such as corporate sponsorships, ticket/entry donations and food sales.

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