The Anatomy of A Successful Fundraiser

Gain your expertise from our experts.

Here at GiveHope, we work around the clock to gather the most effective fundraising and development techniques by researching and learning from the millions of users on our platform. We gathered a list of successful fundraising campaigns hosted by GiveHope and created a simple guide for how you can replicate them for your own cause.


Eye-Catching Imagery – The Face of Your Campaign

Images are the face of your fundraiser. Using great imagery can set your campaign apart from others and immediately draw in supporters. Images or videos should be relevant to your cause so supporters can quickly understand what your fundraiser is about. Follow these 3 questions to help you decide on the right image:

Is this image relevant to my campaign?

Is this image good quality?

Is this image visually engaging?


Compelling Story – The Heart of Your Campaign

Your campaign story should educate your potential supporters about your cause and help paint a bigger picture. Explain what you are fundraising for and how each donation will help you make a difference. Follow these 3 essential questions to help your write the best story:

Who or what is your campaign supporting?

What is the conflict?

How will donations help make an impact?


Email and Social Media – The Voice of Your Campaign

Promoting your GiveHope fundraiser using social media is vital to your campaign’s success. Use free social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out about your cause.

Start off by asking people for their help directly. Send emails and Facebook messages to your friends, family and people you believe will take interest in your cause. Urge them to share your fundraiser by forwarding your story to one or two pepole that might be interested in your cause. Using social media and email to create general awareness for your cause is great.


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – The Legs of Your Campaign

Find supporters who are as passionate as you are about your cause and ask them to be a part of your fundraising team. Peer-to-peer fundraisers give your campaign the strenght it needs to move forward and can even be the driving force behind campaign success. Check out this article for more information on peer-to-peer fundraising.


Campaign Manager – The Brain of Your Campaign

A campaign manager is the mastermind behind the operation and the person who pushes the campaign forward. They are the ones who oversee the campaign from start to finish. GiveHope assigns each fundraiser a personal campaign manager who is available 24/7 for fundraising help and is in charge of helping spread the word about your fundraiser using their own social network contacts. Read more about the importance of a good campaign manager here.