4th of July Fundraising Ideas

Happy 4th of July!

Fourth of July weekend if officially a few days away, and many people will participate in independence day fundraising events across the country. Incorporate an Independence Day celebration into your fundraising event and entice people to donate to your cause! Let’s take a look at the best Fourth of July fundraising ideas:

American Flag Sales

Instill patriotism in the community and raise money for your cause with a Fourth of July flag selling fundraiser. With a modest markup. let people know the money you raise is going towards a great cause of your choice.

This GiveHope fundraiser, “Flags for our Soldiers”, raised $1,000 in a few short days to show support and patriotism for our soldiers overseas.

flaggyflag.jpgFor more information on incorporating flag sales in your Independence Day fundraising, contact the National Flag Day Foundation.

Walk-a-thon/Run-a-thon Event

shutterstock_180184898.jpgOrganize an event to get your community outside and enjoy the nice weather by hosting a walk-a-thon or run-a-thon. Your GiveHope fundraiser can be your homebase for registering for the event. Charge a fee for individuals to participate, and sell tickets for drinks and snacks along the way. Remember, this is a great opportunity to raise money for your cause, so make sure you let people know where the proceeds are going to motivate more people to participate. Read this blog about hosting 4th of July fundraising events. 

Dance Contest


Host a 4th of July dance contest! This is a fun and easy way to get people mingling without spending a lot of money. Provide music and set up and area where competitors can bust a move towards an exciting prize. This is a lighthearted event that will draw in a nice crowd! Like a walk-a-thon, your GiveHope fundraiser will be where people can register for the event and buy entry tickets.

All American Car Wash


Have people donate to your GiveHope fundraiser and show proof of donation before giving their cars and exterior wash. Add a complementary window mounted flag to add a patriotic feel to your fundraiser!

Patriotic Bake Sale


Create a GiveHope fundraiser and add a display of images of the goodies up for sale. Sell red, white and blue cookies, cakes and pastries and deliver them to people in your community on the Fourth of July. Be sure to explain to potential donors where the money raised will go and more information about your cause.

For more information about 4th of July fundraising visit the Fundraising Blog here.