GiveHope Page Raising Thousands for Cancer-Stricken Mother Visiting Dallas

(Dallas, TX) – A GiveHope fundraiser called “Send it for Pranathi Madhavarapu” has been set up to support medical bills and other related expenses for a 44-year-old mother who fell ill while visiting the Dallas area from India.

Her son, Shanmukh, wrote on the GiveHope page, “On Sunday April 8th morning, suddenly my mom suffered a seizure and collapsed suddenly having struggle with recognition They discovered a tumor in her brain.”

Madhavarapu is being treated in a Dallas-area hospital since April. Her fundraiser raised over $4,000 in the first 12 hours. Shanmukh continues to say, “The support we are receiving is humbling and truly incredible.”

Madhavarapu’s family is hoping to raise $650,000. Click here to view the GiveHope page.