Family Starts GiveHope Page to Help With Son’s Cancer Treatment

(Lafayette, LA) – A GiveHope fundraiser called “Jaxon’s Journey” has been set up to support 6-year old Jaxon’s battle with leukemia.

Jaxon’s father, Jeremy, said, “ For the next 5 months, Jaxon will have to go through chemotherapy and will be in and out of the hospital. He will be homebound so Kasie (Jaxon’s Mom) will unfortunately not be working, which means Jeremy’s (Jaxon’s Dad) income is what they will be forced to survive off of and unfortunately her disability will not cover him.”

Jaxon’s Journey was launched on July 17th and hopes to raise $2,000 to be used to pay medical related expenses. Anyone interested in donating to the Comeaux family can access their GiveHope page here.