A Guide To Effectively Managing Your Fundraiser

This GiveHope guide will teach you how to achieve your fundraising goals, both financially and impactfully.

Let’s get down to business.

For your fundraiser to become a success, you must show people why your cause is worth supporting. Social media plays a big role in spreading the word about your cause, so we’ll cover it first.

Social Mediashutterstock_785222245.jpg

Social media has become the best source to get information out into the universe. While you’re probably already using at least one social media platform, are you tapping into the full potential of your social media influence?

When we say social media influence, we mean do you know how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Don’t be afraid to broadcast yourself and your cause on your social pages. You have the best free tools at your fingertips to help spread the word.

Make your story a good one! Storytelling if the first, most essential step to anyone wanting to fundraise. You must show people who are interested in your cause why it means so much to you and why it’s important they help – and getting creative with Facebook posts are a great way to let people know!

Get creative with a hashtag to get your campaign trending, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Engage your followers with questions, photos, videos and updates to ignite the momentum for your cause.

Emailshutterstock_1043428213.jpgOnce you’ve started to spread the word about your cause through social media, you’re in a great position to start fundraising. While the popularity of social media is at an all time high, people tend to give email fundraising a back seat. Although social media is the best way to promote your cause, adding the extra touch of personal email is never a bad idea.

Create an email template to send out to your networks about your recent fundraiser. Send each one individually to add a personal touch, there is nothing that motivates a donor more than feeling like they personally contributed to making a change.

Once your fundraiser starts receiving donations, let donors know of their impactshutterstock_749516689.jpg

As long as donors believe their support won’t make a difference, they won’t bother to give. But when you let each donor know how they’ve specially helped make an impact, other potential donors become motivated to join the party.

You can use the update tool on GiveHope to keep your donors up-to-date with the latest improvements in your cause. Whether you’re fundraising for an animal shelter or medical bills, letting donors know their money made a difference is all you need to get them on-board and help you spread the word.

Celebrate successes for you and your fundraiser!shutterstock_680729236.jpg

Acknowledging and celebrating important milestones and accomplishments in your fundraiser encourages your giving community to keep working towards your goal, together! While it’s important to update donors on the fundraiser’s results when it’s all over, you can highlight incremental wins along the way to keep spirits high.

Consider setting weekly goals for yourself. Fundraising takes effort, and if you work every week to reach your goal by implementing the tools you learned here, you will be on the path to reach your end-goal a lot sooner than you think.

These are some of GiveHope’s tips to help you create a powerhouse fundraiser and manage it like  a pro. Do you know any other resources that could help with your fundraiser? Add them in the comments below!


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