Attracting & Engaging Millennial Donors

In today’s fundraising world, there are few donor groups as coveted as the millennials. Millennials are the largest group in the US and, therefore, could have a major impact in the fundraising world. They’ve become an attractive population to help expand and diversify your organizations donor base. To acquire a millennial donor, follow these fundamental steps:

Understand the younger audience. Millennials are all about technology, being racially diverse and look for stories to build connections with. They are NOT attracted to any form of communications that feel like someone is trying to sell them something. A study showed millennials prefer to be connected with through social media, peer-to-peer, radio and TV ads.

Design. Younger audiences like to be engaged with visuals such as videos, animations and pictures. Make a point to include images related to your cause in your GiveHope story. It’s been proven that a campaign without images doesn’t do as well as one with more than one.

Recognize them. Every millennial wants to feel as though their contribution was recognized. Create incentives or give away “swag” to those who support your cause. For example, send each donor a bracelet or a rewarding public thank you message!

Be transparent and authentic. Let your supporters know exactly what you intended to do with the money you receive and the change it will have on your cause. Millennials need to trust you cause before they will donate.

Be relatable. If the campaign organizer is a millennial themselves, let people know. Millennials tend to group with other millennials, so it’s very possible that this common ground will attract them to your cause. Make sure your cause is tapped into the voice of the younger generation.
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