3 Types of Effective Campaign Communication

How do successful fundraising campaigns communicate? What forms of communication makes a campaign effective or not effective? Let’s take a look at the three categories of communication successful campaigns have used:


Campaign objective or goal

Your end goal should be made clear in your fundraiser’s story. This may seem obvious, but it’s common for a campaign organizer to assume people know what they are talking about. Assumptions in fundraising can lead to trouble. Being up-front on objectives sets the tone for the entire campaign and influences all decisions going forward.

The question you need to answer: what are you trying to accomplish?

Target audience

Your fundraiser needs to appeal to an audience, using imagery and messages that appeal to them. The general public isn’t a target audience. You can narrow your target audience by evaluating the cause you are campaigning for. If you are trying to raise money for an animal shelter, appeal to animal lovers and advertise your campaign on Facebook groups specific to people in your target audience.

The question you need to answer: who are you trying to reach?

Your message

Your campaign’s story needs to reach and convince your target audience. You need to reach them by appealing to their values and using language they relate to.

The question you need to answer: What are you going to say to your audience so they’ll take notice, listen and become a supporter?

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