5 Habits of Highly Effective Personal Fundraisers

Personal fundraising gives people the opportunity to ask their friends, family members and online networks to help them raise money for almost any cause. Most of the time, when people create a fundraiser, they struggle to find the best ways to get the most donations possible. At GiveHope, we’ve seen fundraisers achieve almost immediate success when these habits were implemented in their fundraising strategy.

You don’t have to spin your wheels to figure out how to get people to support your cause. Follow these 5 habits and host the best possible fundraiser for your cause:


Personalize your fundraiser. A personal fundraiser is the most effective type of fundraiser. Campaign organizers use their personalities to spread the word about their campaign as well as using personal stories. Your relationship with your friends, family and networks is a reason in itself to give to your cause. Be yourself, convey your passion and, in turn, people will become just as passionate about your cause.

Be proactive. Motivated fundraisers are successful fundraisers. Stand behind your cause and talk about it every chance you get. Whether you meet someone new or are at a gathering, you should let people know about your fundraiser and its importance. Post flyers and get creative with different ways to let people know about your fundraiser. Refer to GiveHope’s 15 Tips & Tricks for Sharing Your GiveHope Campaign for unique ideas for sharing your fundraiser.


Keep your end goal in mind. Successful fundraisers and the people behind them are goal-oriented. They are, from the beginning to end, focused on the reason they are fundraising and take every opportunity to progress their cause.

Emphasize how everyone can make a difference. Make a point to write on your fundraiser’s page that even small contributions will amount to big results. Let donors know exactly where their money is going and how much of a difference it will make.


Be appreciative. Always thank you donors for their support, no matter how small a contribution was made. Every donor wants to be recognized and your appreciation goes a long way. View GiveHope’s 7 Creative Ways To Thank Your Donors for more information.

If you’re interested in fundraising for a non-profit, you can find more information here.