4 Ways to Keep Your Fundraiser’s Momentum Going

After publishing your GiveHope fundraiser, you should strive for your page to gain immediate attention. The most important thing you can do for your cause is promote it on social media, emails, text messages and flyers immediately. The most and often biggest contributions are made shortly after a fundraiser has been published. However, sometimes fundraisers experience a loss of momentum after the initial interest dies down.

What can you do if your fundraiser is experiencing a lull? Or better yet, what can you do to keep the momentum going so your campaign never stalls? Follow these GiveHope expert strategies to keep your fundraiser running smoothly:


Post updates


Posting updates is an important aspect in running a successful fundraiser. Without updates, your supporters don’t know what the status of your fundraiser is and whether or not you’re actively involved. Posting frequently can help increase your fundraiser’s success. Don’t let people forget about your campaign. Instead, share your progress by posting on your GiveHope page or social media to stay in your donors’ minds.


Promote your fundraiser offline


There are many ways you can raise money for your cause, but in recent years social media has become an easy and effective way to share fundraisers with your social networks. Although social media has become a popular method of sharing crowdfunding pages, many people hesitate sharing their campaign on their social media accounts.

You can promote your fundraiser by making phone calls to leaders in your community (such as business owners and neighborhood council). Creating flyers and posting around your community is another way to get your voice heard.

Don’t solely rely on the power of social media to carry the weight of your campaign. Take your promotion offline and focus on reaching people in your community.


Ask for feedback


One way to gain fundraising momentum is to ask your supporters for their feedback. Reach out to your donors and ask them what they like and dislike about your campaign and what factors ultimately led them to contribute to your campaign. Asking questions shows your donors that you care about your fundraiser enough to ask for their opinion. People tend to invest time and money if they feel valued, so always be sure to incorporate questions on your fundraising page.


Do your research


Finally, it’s okay to gain inspiration from researching other successful campaigns. Search for similar campaigns on GiveHope and research what strategies they used to reemerge after a possible loss of momentum. Compare your strategies with your research to make your own improvements.
We’re here to help you create a fundraising page that gets results. For more advice and ideas on how to make a great fundraiser, check out Tips to Keep Your Personal Fundraising Campaign Moving.