GiveHope Fundraiser for Father Who Passed Suddenly Raises Thousands

(Portland, OR) — GiveHope fundraiser ,“Erin ‘JoJo’ Cowan Memorial Fund”, has been set up for funeral and memorial expenses. Erin Cowan, 46, passed suddenly on September 3rd leaving behind his wife and five daughters.

Sonya Strickland, the fundraiser’s organizer, wrote, “ We are asking for donations from everyone who knew & loved Erin. Please help us create a home-going celebration fitting for the amazing, dynamic, inspirational, family man that he was.”

Cowan’s fundraiser raised an astonishing $34,000 in less than 24 hours. The amount of money raised on GiveHope in a short amount of time is a true testament to the love the community has for Cowan. The GiveHope fundraiser is close to reaching its end goal of $20,000 in just under 12 hours.

Cowan, an avid sports lover started his career in sports playing basketball in college, and went on to become a sports agent for NBA players. The Portland, Oregon family man worked with top sporting companies such as Nike, Adidas, Foot Locker and many more as a sports choreographer and creative consultant.

If you are interested in contributing to the Erin ‘JoJo’ Cowan Memorial Fund, please click on the link or visit