How to Fundraise In Your Local Community

Adding a community approach to your GiveHope fundraiser will help expand your cause by gaining the support from locals. First, you need to build a relationship between your cause and the people you want support from. Follow this guide to help grow your fundraiser within your community:


Your Communityshutterstock_563739178.jpg

Think about your community and the type of people in it:

-Individuals: How will you target and communicate with them? Are they a local community, or a community of shared interest (an online community, such as a Facebook group, with a shared interest)?

-Companies: Approach local companies for sponsorships and remind them of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

-Community centers: Go to your local public library or community center and post flyers about your GiveHope fundraiser. Remember to include the link to your fundraiser.

Your Fundraising Plan


Spreading the word about your GiveHope fundraiser should be your first priority. Posting flyers and announcements around your community can be substantially helpful. Post your flyers on community bulletin boards and coffee shops. Get creative with reaching out to the people in your community – post signs in bars, gyms, YMCAs and schools. Collaborate with a local cafe and ask for them to give your supporters a discount on their purchase for donating to your cause.

Contacting your local news is another great idea for publicizing your cause. News reporters are always looking for interesting stories to share with their viewers, so chances are your story will get picked up! Remember to include your GiveHope fundraiser’s name and link in your publication so people will know exactly where to go to donate.  

We’re here to help you create a fundraising page that gets results. For more advice and ideas on how to make a great fundraiser, check out Local & Community Fundraising.