The 3 Principles of Campaign Communication

Fundraising has its own language, and to be successful, you need to know how to use it to your benefit. Have you wondered how to successfully communicate with your supporters? What makes communication effective and ineffective? Our GiveHope campaign managers examined fundraising pages that have been successful, and developed the top three categories of communication they use:

  1. Updates – An update is a common way to inform your donor community of any news. It is a form of mass communication that is effective. An update can include anything from announcing the campaign and giving updates on its progress. More successful campaigns give updates weekly.
  2. Appreciation – Thanking people for their generosity and support can be generalized or personalized. General communication usually is used at the end of the fundraiser to show appreciation to everyone who has contributed to your cause. Some fundraising organizers give personalized appreciation to larger donors. Appreciation communication can take place via email, social media, face to face, or on your GiveHope fundraising page.
  3. Encouragement – Encouragement is personal and is a form of communication that isn’t done in the mass. Encouragement is focused on bringing in new supporters to help continue fundraising to reach your end goal.

Running a successful fundraiser is all about learning how to attract new supporters, and knowing how to communicate is key. Use these three forms of communication in your next fundraiser to get people excited about giving to your cause.

For more information about effective communication, you can design a communication plan to enhance your fundraising campaign here.