How to Inspire Donations with Your Fundraising Story

One part of running a successful fundraiser is compelling storytelling. A good story is essential to having a successful online fundraiser. Your story can influence whether donors give to your cause or not, so be sure to put thought and effort into your words. The GiveHope Team has created the following lists of questions to answer while writing your fundraiser story, just think of what, how and why.

Why did you decide to fundraise?

What was the reason you decided to start a fundraiser? The more you’re able to tell people about why you’re fundraising, the better your chances are of inspiring empathy and generosity from others.

Why did you choose to fundraise for your cause?

What does your cause mean to you? Will it help just you or others in your community? Touch upon what inspired you to fundraise for this specific cause and why it’s so important.

How will the money you raise help your cause?

Encourage people to donate by telling them exactly how their money will help. Doing this is a great way of showing people what kind of impact their donation will have.

What does getting support mean to you?

Use your GiveHope page to thank your donors for getting involved. Let them know how motivating their support is and how much it means to you that they are getting involved.

When writing your fundraiser story, remember to:

-be direct

-use conversational tone

-imply a sense of urgency

-convey how a donation will make a tangible difference

Successful fundraisers describe the situation honestly. Write your story with vivid, heartfelt words that inspire empathy. Answer basic questions any reader would have, such as who the fundraiser is for, what happened; where, when, and why it’s important to you.

Read your story aloud before posting it. This is the best way to find any spelling and grammar errors you may have.

We’re here to help you create a fundraising page that gets results. For more advice and ideas on how to make a great fundraiser, check out Increase Charitable Donations With These 5 Words and 7 Ingenious Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Online.