4 Ways to Share Your Fundraiser Outside of Social Media

There are many ways you can raise money for your cause, but in recent years social media has become an easy and effective way to share fundraisers with your social networks. Although social media has become a popular method of sharing crowdfunding pages, many people hesitate sharing their campaign on their social media accounts.

Some people think twice before sharing their cause on social media because of privacy concerns, or simply because they want to fundraise within a specific community and prefer not publicize their cause with everyone.

Consider the following options if you would like to grow your donor base and share your cause without the use of social media:

In Personshutterstock_261796436.jpg

Talking to people about your cause is a very effective way to publicize your fundraiser. You get the chance of conveying your passion surrounding your cause when speaking in person, thus motivating people with your drive.

Don’t limit yourself to friends and family. Do your research and find individuals or organizations that share your passion and make a phone call or set up a meeting. When speaking to people in person or over the phone, it’s important to tell them why your cause is important and how their donation will help make a difference in your life, or others. Phone calls are also an excellent way to follow up with people you’ve spoken to in person.
Send Out Flyersshutterstock_762607984.jpg

Old-fashioned flyers are surprisingly a great way for your cause to get attract attention to your cause and gain the support of people in your community. Posting flyers with your campaign link and a brief explanation on bulletin boards in cafes, coffee shops, schools, libraries and other community centers have proven to be effective.


Direct Mailshutterstock_172220291.jpg

While email has become a favorite way to reach out to supporters, direct mail is still a powerful communication tool. Start by mailing the people closest to you, and expand your circle from there. Your letter should include an image and your GiveHope campaign link.

Another method is to use flyers (see post flyers) and leave them in people’s mailboxes. This way, you save postage fees and attract new donors within your community.


Text Messageshutterstock_490627972.jpg

Create a template and send your fundraiser to family and friends via text message and WhatsApp. Avoid creating group chats and make it more personal with individual text messages. Create a one-on-one conversation and convey your passions with each person. Offer different ways to support your cause, like helping the spread the word or donating.

All of these fundraising methods can be effective without using social media. Keep in mind, using social media isn’t a make or break it scenario – you can still take advantage of social  media’s virality without sharing your fundraiser directly on your personal account.

We’re here to help you create a fundraising page that gets results. For more advice and ideas on how to make a great fundraiser, check out this article about fundraising and social media.