6 Tips for Writing an Effective Fundraising Page

An online crowdfunding page is supporter-driven. Supporters are the key to raising money and awareness for your cause. When telling your story, you have the chance to utilize your audience and weave your way into their hearts. Personal appeal is a priority when creating your fundraiser because it helps friends and family connect to your cause on a more personal level.

Here are 6 tips to help you craft an effective personal fundraiser:

State your purpose

Describe your fundraiser clearly and let supporters know how their donations will help your cause.

Make it personal

Write to your personality and fill each word with passion. Don’t make your fundraiser all about money, make it about being human. Let readers know why your cause matters to you personally and how much of an impact it has on you.

Be thankful

Show people that you appreciate their support. Whether it’s a donation or a share, a big thank you goes a long way.

Call to action

Tell people how their donation will make a difference. People want to feel like their contribution will help and not be just one more donation that doesn’t matter. Every dollar counts, make this very clear.

Be concise

It proven that a fundraising story between 175 to 250 words in length work best.

Use events

Do you have a birthday coming up? Is this holiday season close by? Instead of asking for gifts, ask for donations to your cause!


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